NEWSPAPER CUTTING 'Border Morning Mail', 30 April 1948


Postings to Albury Squadron

Lieut-Colonel C.J. Fogarty of Melbourne, commanding officer 8/13 armoured regiment will be in Albury at 2 o'clock on May 10, to interview officers and NCO's for posting to the unit.

The 8/13 Regiment is to be composed of squadrons raised at Sale, Melbourne, Wangaratta-Benalla and Albury. Capt. N.G. Whitehead of Urana is to command the Albury squadron, the establishment of officers for which is one major, two captains and five lieutenants. More than eight officers however will be accepted as provision is made for holding them on a regimental supernumerary list.

Captain Whitehead saw service as second-in-command and then as officer-commanding an armoured squadron. He will come to Albury next Monday for preliminary discussions should officers or NCO's desire to see him. Anyone interested is invited to apply for information at the drill hall.