Annual General Meeting Report

There were eighteen members in attendance at the AGM held at Anzac House Albury on Tuesday 15 May 2018.

Election of office bearers for 2018-19:

The following were elected as office bearers and committee for the 2018-19 year:

President John Baines; Vice-president Adrian Younger: Minute Secretary Andrew Frazer; Newsletter distributor Michael Prestianni; Treasurer Doug Hunter; and Committee members: Graham Garvie, Ian Docking, Maurice Greene, Shane Walch, Gordon Cole, Robert Dawe, and subject to their acceptance, Jim Begley and Clive Faul.

The notional Social calendar includes:

Latchford Troop visit to be arranged in June/July; Nek Dinner this year to be with the regiment on a training exercise in the field; RAACA Cambrai Dinner; Xmas luncheons to be arranged in Albury and Wangaratta; Regimental birthday to be arranged for May 2019. Further information on these activities is to be distributed as it becomes available.


Association ties still available; Name badges can be provided on order; VMR hat badges are in very limited supply and are to be sold only to ex-VMR members.

Museum Curator:

Graham Garvie was appointed to the position of Museum Curator which fell vacant upon the death of John Bauerle.

Life member:

Lieutenant Colonel Jim Allard was made a life member of the 8/13 VMR Regimental Association. Lt Col Allard is the last surviving Commanding Officer of the regiment.